Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Autumn Fairy Doll

Meet Faith, an autumn fairy dolly. 

 This little one came "flying" into my sewing room the other day. Sweet pea was thrilled as could be with her when she seen her. (Although she was suppose to be a surprise and Sweet pea found her before she had her wings....)

Let me tell you about little Faith, she is a Dolls and Daydreams patterns. She is my first pattern from there that I have sewn so far. I hand embroidery her sweet face to match that of miss Sweet pea's. I added freckles even and she has her green/hazel eyes too. Her hair, flowers and wings are wool felt and she is stuffed with wool as well. She is such a cuddly doll! 

I made the tulle skirt as per the pattern then also made a over skirt as well to match her dress. The tulle skirt is about 1" longer so that it sticks out the bottom of her dress skirt. The orange tulle "glows" in the sun light too. 

She even has wee little wool shoes. Now sewing this doll was easy for me, turning it was no problem either and stuffing really was a breeze. I was sure I would have problems too with those tiny skinny legs of hers. However putting on those shoes was another story, I had to use a small flat head screw driver as a shoe horn to put those things on this doll. I told Sweet pea to never take those things off! I might just sew them onto her. hehehehe

I did modify the pattern a bit and sewn the hearts onto the wings instead of using separate pattern pieces. I used a metallic bronze thread for this so that it sparkles in the sun light. 

She was my test go but Sweet pea has already made off with her so I guess you could say the test go was a success. ;-) 

I have plans on making a few more of these dolls up this week too. It only took me about two hours for this one and I am sure the next one will be quicker for sure. They really are so much fun to sew. If you would like to you can find the pattern here for miss Faith. 

Happy Sewing!! 


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