Friday, September 11, 2015

Make It Mine Challenge Round #2!

I am back today with my second Make It Mine Challenge (MIM) look! I had so much fun sewing this second look, just as much fun as the first! Even the two youngest had fun with these outfits as well. (Can you tell with these happy faces?!?) 
(You can find the first post over here

The Make It Mine Challenge is a contest that is from Whimsical Fabrics where you purchase from the the three fabric lines from Art Gallery Anna Elise, Curiusities or Happy Homes and make these fabrics your own! Today I used the Oliver and S Patterns to make my look. For my girl's I used the patterns Carousel dress, Play Time Leggings, Firefly Jacket. For my Son's I had to use my favorite O+S pattern of all times the Tea Party play suit with the Parachute Polo under and then a LTTS Bucket hat. All patterns can be found in the shop here. The bucket hat can be found here free on the Oliver and S site. 

For both of my outfits I used the Curiosities fabric line. LOVE! I know I have said it before but I adore the Art gallery knit so much!! 

For my daughter's I used the O+S Carousel dress, it is my first time sewing one and I am smitten with this pattern already!  I love the lines of this dress, I chose the view with a straight skirt and both Sweet pea and I love it. 

The dress is a raglan style with keyhole/button lope on the back. I have never been big on this lok but I love how this pattern finishes so much! It has a nice clean look that I love. 

I also added Sweet pea's cotton lace to this dress. We found this local and she really love it. I sewn it right over the seam on the dress front. The dress also has the wonderful pockets on the front that are sewn into the seams. 

I sewn the Play Time leggings to go under her dress for the cooler weather. I added the ruched lace to this pair just like the last pair. I will be posting a tutorial on the how-to next week. They are really easy to make. 

For Prince C look I used my all time favorite boy pattern, the Tea Party Play suit. I did fully line mine, like always, but I also added pockets and a growth cuff. I made a all knit Parachute Polo too wear under it.  I even made him a reversible bucket hat! 

I really love these cuffs! I sewn just like that of the Sleepover pj pattern but only not as long. Perfect for a growing boy. 

The back pockets are from the Sandbox pant pattern.(Also O+S) I used the pant pattern for pocket placement. 

I also added self-drafted front pockets, because a boy can never have too many pockets! I tihkn the pockets are the his favorite part of this outfit. 

I made baby piping to place between the yoke and bottom of the play suit and finished it with wooden buttons to make his sister jacket.  

Here is a better look of his polo and second side to his bucket hat. I have only made two polos so far buy I have at least two more I know that I will make, LOVE! The only change to this pattern was to make a all knit version instead of the woven collar and button placket. 

So are you ready to join the MIM Challenge?!? 
Check out the Whimsical Fabrics Blog for all the details and please join our Face Book group too for more fun!! 

Happy Sewing!!!



  1. Love it! I can't wait for the tutorial for the ruched lace!

    1. thank you Jona! I need to order some more knit to make Sweet pea a few more pairs.

  2. Wow, Sharon, you nailed that polo top. How was it to sew? I bought the pattern but I have not seen many made and I was nervous to cut up my good fabric. You collar is wonderfully even and true.

    1. The polo sews up so wonderfully! I was to nervous about cutting into good knit but this is my second one to date and it sews up very nice, everything I expect from an O+S pattern. I did take my time sewing the knit collar as not to stretch it out and I did not have any issues with stretching at all. (I used my regular sewing machine for this part) I really love the collar in the knit that I can't image sewing it in a woven. Now the button placket it a bit bulky so next time I may try that in a woven but I had no issues sewing it or adding the buttonholes. The other thing about this pattern is it sews up so quickly too, about two hours cutting and sewing time. It juts might be my favorite boy pattern now.

  3. Thank you Sharon, that is just what I wanted to hear.
    xx N


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