Friday, January 15, 2016

Sweet Pea and Pumkin Patterns; Branching Out

For the past few months I have been giving pattern making some serous thought. I really do enjoying sitting down and creating patterns. I have a several patterns ones I have made that I want to put into PDF patterns before I misplace them. (Yes that does happen a LOT.) With that thought I deiced "why not?!" So now Sweet pea and Pumpkin Patterns in born! 

The sewing and pattern making I most enjoy is for the 18" dolls. So my first pattern is s cute summer tunic and dress with a high/low hem. This dress is a "breeze" to sew. (As where the name partly come from.) 

I used art Gallery Voile to sew both cover photos tunic and dress. I also thought I would share all my lovely testers photos with you ladies as well. I really love how each of them came out!  

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 The Summer Breeze Pattern Can Be found here;

I am not sure where this year will go but I am very excited and nervous at the same time. I guess that is normal though right?! I do have so many ideas and I hope that they will be enjoyed by others as much as I do. 

Happy Sewing!! 


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  1. WOW, the patterns are really amazing. You have done a terrific job but i must also confess my fear of dolls lol. I developed it in my childhood but it does'nt seem to go away. haha


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