Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Prince C and Mim Mim Bunny Friend

I started this purple bunny this past summer as a requested from my littlest one. He is a huge Kate and Mim Mim fan. After much looking around we couldn't find him a Mim Mim bunny anywhere for sale. Rather than leave Prince C sad we decided that mommy would make one. a crocheted on.... As I am sure you noticed the "I started last summer part" (yep it's winter now) I am faster at sewing than crocheting now. ha-ha! Long story but I get pain in my hands now so it makes crocheting harder. Did I give up, no I didn't!! :-) 

Prince C was thrilled with this bunny friend, he started to spin and say the Kate and Mim Mim chant to head off to Mim Mim a lou. If you watch the show every episode Kate takes her stuffed bunny there, where he comes to life  and the two of them solve a problem there.  Prince C went there last night to solve the problem on how to make sissy be quite for bed time. I love his imagination! 

I did sew the googles onto Mim Mim so that they wouldn't be lost but they still do fir over his eyes. 

Next on my crocheting list?? Two Easter crochet hats!! At least hats are easier to make than stuffed bunnies. The hats have beautiful flowers all over of them. 

We are off to have an adventure!! 

Sharon and Prince C

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  1. This is a great post friend. I love such posts where there are plenty of fun pictures and sufficient text to explain them better. This is how it should be so keep up the good job. Peace.


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