Friday, March 18, 2016

Oliver and S Bubble Dress in Voile; Whimsical Fabrics Blog Tour

I am so glad to be apart of the Whimsical Fabrics Voile fabric tour! For today I picked one of my favorite patterns to sew up today, Oliver and S Bubble dress. AS this pattern goes from a size 3 months to a size 5. My little girl is now wearing the size 5 so this is also part of our size 5 project. (O+S size five project is for all those little ones outgrowing the pattern size rage, we are trying to sew one of each of these patterns before she will forever out grown it.) 

Now I adore the Bubble Dress pattern. It was one of the second batch of Oliver and S pattern that I bought. I fell in love first sew! It is so quick and easy to sew and is such a sweet dress. I will confess that I have always dreamed of sewing this dress in voile, they always seamed to be a perfect match. Now that I finally have they really are perfectly paired! 

This dress pattern is fully lined so I used the same fabrics as the inside as the outside. My daughter adores this dress so much because of the "silk" feel. She does have a beautiful silk Bubble dress as well (a gift) and this is the only dress that she has said that she loves to wear as much as that one. I had to pry it off of her when it was play time. That is the highest complement from a child I would say. 

Even her doll Grace had to have one. Lucky for that both of these are so quick to sew. I think they both will need another set very soon. (The doll is mine that I made to look just like the O+S version).

I finished both dresses with some vintage yellow velvet ribbon that was from my Great-grandmother. It makes this dress that much more special to her and I both. 

You can find both the pattern and the voile in the Whimsical Fabric shop by following the links below. Use the coupon code VOILE to save 10% off all store Voile. 

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 You can shop voile fabrics on the Whimsical Fabric website and be sure to use VOILE for 10% off your voile order! Coupon expires Thursday, March 24th at midnight CST.

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  1. Sharon, I have missed you!
    Sweet Pea looks totally adorable and so grown up. Where have all our babies gone?

    The dress is just lovely, well done.
    xx Nicole

    1. I have been missing you too! I have been so busy that I need to slow down some. I still cannot believe that little miss is in school and that my baby is not far behind her.

      Thank you, I plan on sewing at least two more before she out grows this pattern. I have a slew of the Puppet Show planned as well.

  2. I love this. Most of my babies have outgrown this size. I love the feel of voile. Great job as always, Sharon.

    1. Thank you so much! I hope this will be a pattern that will be sized up one day.

  3. I love this. Most of my babies have outgrown this size. I love the feel of voile. Great job as always, Sharon.


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