Monday, March 14, 2016

Oliver and S School Days Rain coats and a Sew Along!

Spring is here in our part of the world! I can't say how happy we all are about this. So with the warm weather is of course rainy weather as well, so we celebrated with new rain coats for my two youngest! It gets even better than this, I am teaching a sew along on this incredible Oliver and S pattern over at Whimsical Fabrics starting on the 30th of this month as well. 

First up is Prince C's coat. I used a nice weight denim for his coat with a woven cotton lining. The denim is not water proof so I bought some water proofing spray form the hunting department (thanks dad!!) and treated the fabric before I even cut it out but after I had washed the fabric first. The coat can only be spot washed after this and needs to be treated with the water proofing spray at least once a year after this. It was very easy to do really. 

I used a traditional jean color thread for all my top stitching, love this look! This is one part of the pattern I have always adored from my first time sewing this pattern is all the top stitching. I think it is what gives it it's professional look when all sewn, plus I am a sucker for top stitching. 

I find the size on this coat pattern to be loose fitting but it also so perfect for when we have to layer the heavier clothes under our coats (like out thick favorite sweaters) for the chilly days. I have found that with all of the ones we have made that each child has worn theirs for several years and I have been able to pass each coat along to another. The sizing and constriction of this coat pattern si just that wonderful! 

Price C's coat lining, it had to be deer. He loves anything to do with outdoors and nature.  I love this little boy. 

Miss Sweet pea's coat was my first laminated rain coat I have sewn, I was pleasantly surprised by this fabric!  It was such a dream use and sew with. I did use wonder clips and tissue paper in the process (and corn starch for tuning tabs, thank you Danielle!!!) but it was so easy to sew. I can promise it will not be my last time either. 

The laminated fabric top stitch very well too. Every seam was top stitched just like her brother's coat. With not being able to heat press the fabric the top stitching hold everything in place very lovely. 

Sweet pea has worn her coat several days already, like i said it rains here more than not in spring time. Both of these coats will be well worn and loved for for while. 

Now as far as the pattern difficulty, it is rated a three out of four scissors. Years ago I though it meant that this was a hard pattern to sew but even when I was newer to sewing I so surprised how easy this coat really is to make. It does have a lot of pieces and does take more hours over all to sew but it is such a satisfying sew.  I find this pattern so relaxing to make myself. It is in my top favorite patterns of all time. Every coat always finishes with such a professional look. I have never seen a bad cat sewn. (Liesl has this way with her patterns.)

Top Stitching details baby! 

The other neat part of this pattern is the inside! The coat lining is sewn with this lovely ease that makes dressing and wearing the coat so comfortable. The kids have plenty of room to move, play, and run in this coat. 

If you would like to join us in our sew long you can find more details in out Facebook group. 

The lovely Danielle has even made several lovely kits up for girls and boys in the shop.  Use the coupon code SewAlongSavings to save 10%. Follow the link below.

Of course you can use your own fabrics as well. 
I really hope your join us!! 

Happy Sewing!!



  1. Oh she's lost her front teeth! The coats look wonderful Sharon. Oh how I miss seeing your sewing.

    1. I think she looks so darling without her front teeth! My how she grown so much this school year alone. Now as I am planning her summer wardrobe I am thinking she will need a more "older" look. I have missed being around too myself. I have been way to busy I think and it is time to slow down some. (These five kiddos keep me on my toes!)Plus I have a series of leg surgeries coming up as well, yay me....not!

  2. These are AMAZING!! I love how you're like, yeah, I made two raincoats. No bigs. I am pretty intimidated by this pattern!! These look fantastic.

    1. thank you Inder! You need to make this pattern, your love it!! It is really no bad is so much fun! The details of this one make it look so complicated but the instructions make it a breeze.


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