Thursday, July 6, 2017

Forth Of July Sewing and Price C 5th Birthday

First off Happy Late Forth Of July!! I know it has been very quite on here this past year but I cannot believe how busy I have been in life. The kids keep me busy and remodeling the house it taking a lot of time. As summer is half over the thought of back to school sewing is getting into full gear here! Our youngest will be starting a half day of school this autumn so I have at least two children to sew whole wardrobes for! I am planning on things for the older ones as well, they will just have to wear and love it, like it or not. ha! 

First up today is Prince C  Forth outfit. I used my trusty old Sketchbook pattern from Oliver and S. I honestly cannot get enough of this pattern still! I cut out four tops and three shorts so that each piece can be mixed and matched for school. I did cut out a size 4 for the very first time so he will get lots of wear out of each piece. It did have me crying that my baby boy is really wearing the last size now in this pattern. Thank goodness I already own the bigger size! (Although that didn't make me feel at the time of sewing these!) 

Little guy sure has grown up! 

I have sewn so many of these shirts and shorts that I no longer to to read that pattern, ha! I need to recount how many I have made but I know it is over 50. If you have not bought this pattern for you little guy I highly recommend it! It has been a staple for all four of boys. 

Now onto miss Sweet pea's forth o July dress. I used Oliver and S Pinwheel dress pattern, one size bigger than she wears so we will have plenty of school wear out of it. The fabric is very special in that my grandmother sent it to me. She is over the moon for it and has worn it so much that she needs a second one for the wash while she wears this. 

This pattern is a very quick sew and very much fun to make that I had forgotten how much I enjoyed this pattern. Another one I highly recommend! I love that this dress is a two piece, a slip dress with the tunic over top to make the pinwheel skirt. Love! 

I added a white rick rack with red sparkle stitching that goes through the center to the bias tape top for fun scalloped look. 

Sweet epa loves the fit and that it twirls! I love that there was no gathering needed to make the skirts! Sewing was so much faster because of the skirt style. 

Lastly on this I did change teh back to add a button loop in stead of using the ribbon. The loop can be found in the Ice Cream Dress pattern. 

Lastly, onto the birthday boy!! We always have a low key party so I wanted to make him something fun to wear this year. I used the sketchbook pattern for this set as well but with a fun smore fabric and denim shirts. 

Prince C now loves to eat smores so he was so excited to have shirt with them all over it...and it not be sticky. ha! 

I sued a jean thread for stitching the shorts. The waist band was a little think sewing so I had to use a heavy duty needle for stitching. I did break one on the hem. oopps. They did turn out great though. 

Happy Birthday to my little Prince C!! I still cannot believe that you are five now. I am excited to see what the new year brings you. 

Happy Sewing!!



  1. OUR BABIES ARE FIVE!!! Waaaaaaaahhhh! I love the Sketchbook Pattern so much, as you know it's a huge favorite of mine, especially the shorts, but the shirt too! I have been meaning to work on a "school photo shirt," i.e., actual button down for Joey bug, thanks for the reminder! This summer is going by in a blur!

    1. I still cannot believe our babies are five!! These years have flow by!

  2. So nice to see a post from you! I can't believe how grown-up they are. Lovely makes as always!

    1. Thank you! I am going to try and make a better effort at blogging this year, I did blog last year a ton but over on the Whimsical Fabrics blog. :)

  3. I love the slip dress pattern. I think it is my new favorite pattern to sew. Living in Florida means we get a lot of wear out of it.


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