Monday, January 23, 2012

A Peasant Top

 I made Sweet pea this simple peasant top to go with her jeans. A couple of weeks ago it was warm enough to wear alone but it is stating to get cooler here so now we must layer. (sadly no snow yet!) I used a Raggedy Ann fabric I have been hording saving.
 This was a quick and easy top to make. The pattern was pretty easy to make. I did the same as I would for a pillow case dress and made the sleeves a bit smaller. I finished the top and sleeves with sheering, then added a belt to finish it off!
I am planing on doing a lot more sewing this year than I have in past few months. I have not been blogging like I used to but for with good reason! I am working today on fixing the Carolina dress down load that isn't working. I know it has been giving a lot of you ladies trouble, I am sorry that it hasn't been done sooner. I do have a bit of a surprise at the end of this week too. (as to why I haven't been blogging or sewing much ;) )

Until next time Happy Sewing!!


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