Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Favorite Quilting Places!

Moda Bake Shop

 I though that I would share some of my favorite places for quilting tutorials and such. The place I tend to look the most is Moda Bake Shop. (I think it is also because there is some gorgeous fabric that they have too!) The car seat quilt I made Prince C is from there...
 And these cuties too! These were a blast to sew!! I Hope to make some more for friends...
 This floor cushion as well. I never thought I would finish this. It took me some time I don't know why. I maybe spent 2-3 days of real sewing to make it, not hard just hard to get in the mood to finish it. ;)
It was well worth it though. W really loves it still. Now just to make the other four kiddos their own....
Riley Blake Designs
The other blog is Riley Blake. They have lovely fabrics and great tutorials too. There is tons of things I would love to make but just have not got around to try yet.
Here is Sweet pea's favorite pattern from this sewing blog. There is tons of things for quilters too.

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