Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pretty in Plaid!

 This is Sweet pea's new favorite outfit! She wore it all day yesterday and even to bed last night. I tried to talk her into to pj's but she said no with a smile. The fit is great and she loves the colors, even though it is not pink. The flannel is very cozy for the chilly days we are having.
 I used the Apple Picking Dress pattern from Oliver + S for the over dress. The blouse is a fast favorite of mine. It looks great with her skirts and great under her dresses! It's the Music Class blouse from Oliver + S. The shirt takes some time to make seeing it has pin tucks on it but it is so worth the time put into it!
 I am thinking about making her a hot pink plaid one next, I sure she wold love it!
If you own the Apple picking dress you can find a how-to here to make the pinafore dress for your little girl!
Happy Sewing!

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