Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cookies, Stockings and Tree Trimming!

 Sweet pea got her cast off last week and her first request was to make cookies with mama. I wpouldn't let her help bake while her cast was on so it wouldn't get anyhting on/in the cast so she was ready to go when it came off!
 She wanted to wear her apron. She told me that "the apron is mine not grandma's" I not sure why she said this, I guess she thinks grandma wants her apron, hehehe. I not sure how much it help though seeing she had flour everywhere. She though that if you sprinkled the flour it looked like snow. :) WE had such a blast cutting the cookies out!
I did the frosting she did the sprinckes. She put the sprinkels on one at time. I think she did a great job.  
 She did a few too. ;)
 These took a while to sprinkle. It was sure fun to watch her make them though!
 Sweet pea also wanted to "finish" decorating the tree with daddy. She loved to add stuff but only on one branch. I love toddlers!
 She worked really hard to decorate the whole house. This is her first Christmas that she has really got excited.
 And yes, those deer are in the house. Right where Sweet pea wanted them. She has been playing with them everyday. She is only little once. :)
 We are proud of our little helper. (Don't you love the peanutbutter face?)
 We are hiding the Advent stockings this year for the older boys. Kind of like Elf on the shelf but with stockings of treats.

If you would like to make them you can find the tutorial here for them. They are quite fun to make.
I also have been making stockings for the boys school friends. 70 in all. I have all them stiched together I just need to add the hanger and finish the tops. These have put me in the Christmas spirit. :) They should be finshed later this morning. Yippy!

Happy sewing!

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