Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Baby Bumble Bee

Do you remember this costume from October? Prince C first Halloween. Oh how I love this costume!  The homemade strips, the wings, the stinger, the little antennas... and that cute nose! With spring here I wanted to get some pictures of my baby bee in the flowers. I did have to squeeze this little guy into his outfit. He isn't very big in the belly but boy howdy he is sure long! I am sure this will be the last time it will go on him.
Our yard was full of pretty yellow dandelions last week before we mowed so it was the perfect backdrop. After hubby mowed it looked very nice but I do miss the flowers still. At least the honeysuckles are beginning to bloom. They smell so lovely this time of year.

This time around I am lucky that little guy can sit up on his own and he loves to smile so this we had a ton of fun!  

I love this one, I think it's my favorite. It makes me smile.

I can't believe how quick this little has grown. My how I love him!

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  1. I love these pics, Sharon - he is such a cutie x


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