Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy 10 Months Old!

We can't hardly believe that Prince C is already 10 months old! How the time has flow by.

He is saying Mama and  dada, bub bub but still no sissy even though Sweet pea tries her hardest for him to say it. He says hop, hop when he bounces. He laughs and giggles most of the day until it's time for bed. He doesn't love bed time anymore though. He does love to hug and kiss. His kisses are more like a puppy kiss so watch out!

Yep this little man is getting close to the 1 year so I am already planning his birthday party. Right now the cake part is the hardest. He can not have and dairy at all, not even in baked things so I am trying to figure out what I can do.  An ideas would be lovely. : )
Now his little 10 Month's old outfit! It's the John & Suzanne's Bubble from the Sew Beautiful Magazine. I have fallen in love with the patterns from this magazine since making this bubble for the first time. This is fourth one I have sewn and I plan on two more for the summer. It's fully lined for a great finish with no exposed seams and cool to wear in the South's hot summer sun.  It's so easy to dress him in and change his nappy. It has great details on it too. I made the piping for this out of left over fabric form my skirt. I love piping on his clothes! The sad part is it is an 18 month size. It's hard to believe that the 0-3m was swimming on 10 months ago. He is a tall one!

Here is the inside wrap. With all the ones I made I never posted a picture of it. I used a button on it instead of the snap, it works out great too.

The finishing touches are some vintage buttons for my grandmother. It's hard to see but these are MOP buttons. I have never seen ones that have a design in them and not just flat. I love these buttons! I have saved these little things for just the right outfit. They make this outfit even more special.

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