Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sleepover Pajams for a Princess

Last week for Kids Clothing week I did sew but I did not blog about it. With school for J and Prince C into EVERYTHING every second he is awake I can't seem to get anything done.  Sooo, here are the pj's I made my little princess!

I used the Oliver + S Sleepover pattern for these. First off I started these this past fall. I had both tops sewn but no buttons/holes at all so I though this would be the prefect week to finish them.
This pair is flannel that I have saved since Sweet pea was a baby. My grandmother had sent it and thought it would be great for pj's for her when she got a bit older. She loves them, Lucky for me. ;) I used satin for the facings, cuffs and ruffles. It gives it a nice girly feel to them, like a princess a friend said. : ) The buttons are from her "special" stash from Aunt Fran. I love these against the satin.
While the satin looks so lovely for the ruffles it is a bit of a pain to sew with. It does not press well and ravels bad so I had to take my time on it. After all is said and done I love it and now I am thinking about  another pair similar to this.

The insides are French seams do to when my serger was broke this past fall. I love the look of the French seams. : ) The kids all got a kick out of them too. I guess we  are all sewing dorks. ;)

Please excuse the chair in these pictures. I was going to make this over but have not found the time to do so. It's my sewing chair so it's seems to never be top on the list of things to do. I also couldn't get Sweet pea to get out of the chair for pictures either so I thought this would be better than nothing at all.
This pair is flannel too with rick rack trim. The rick rack is shiny so it meets Sweet pea approval. The buttons are from grandma too. I tell you this girl has more buttons than the fabric store does! They are way better than candy to her.

And this is the reason why she wasn't about to get up.

All french seams as well. I love a good finish on garments!
Happy Sewing!


  1. Wow! Sweet Pea is sure growing up! Her new pj's are lovely and cosy too.

    1. She sure has! She is not my little baby no more. Thank you, I think I need a pair of pj's too. ; )

  2. Both sets of pjs are definitely fit for a princess!

    1. Thanks Cindy! She sure is all princess!


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