Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sail Boats for fall

 This past summer I finally bought the Sail Boat pattern from Oliver + S, which I have been wanting for  some time now. I thought that these pants and skirts would look cute in corduroy for the colder months. I Love the look of this skirt with the 2+2 top from Oliver + S. That's one thing I love about their patterns is that you can mix and match all the patterns tops and buttons for different looks. (Don't you just love the look on Sweet pea's face?!?) 
 Her skirt is in a ivory corduroy made in a 3T so it fits for longer than a second. (My how quick does this girl grow!) The next skirt I am thinking about adding 2" in the length seeing how Sweet pea is on the tall side of patterns. I am wanting to make this in a red cord as well. I seen one over on the O+S flicker in red and it is gorgeous!!
 I also made the ivory in the pants for Sweet pea too. I added 2" for the length in these. I wanted them to not be too big in the waist and fall off but they are just a tad on the big side. This is perfect though so I know it will fit her a while. She loves the feels of these pants too! I made her two Hopscotch tops from the Modern Workshop knit fabric, which is so wonderfully soft. She adores this outfit!  As soon as I put it on her she started to dance. She even wore this to bed. :) The best complement a mama can have. :)
 Both skirt and pants sewn up very quickly and easy too. I have made little man a few pairs already but he has yet to be big enough to wear though.The Hopscotch top in a great pattern too. My first Knit pattern. These tops are quick to make as well.
 The knit fabric was so wonderfully soft that I had to make the baby a outfit too! This top is the Sail Boat top. I will not lie to you, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. It did stretch a bit and I had trouble trying to figure out how to make button holes on the knit. I decided to use hook and loop tape instead which is no bigggy. I still am happy with the way the top came out.
 I made his bottoms with brown corduroy too. I did use the button hole elastic on his pants though. I thought it would be a great idea so he can wear his pants now and them also later on too. He is very tall and skinny (all my babies were) and I want clothes that will fit him for a while.
 Sweet pea also has the blue top too but she hasn't worn it yet. It is still in the 90's on most days. The leaves are changing colors but not much of a cool down yet. I am so ready for the colder days ahead too. The summer heat has just been too long this year. 

While I am dreaming of fall I will be sewing up more of the corduroy and enjoying the though frost on our windows. :)
Happy Sewing!!

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