Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall Weather Means Planning Fall Sewing

It is that time of year again! I have been planning the kids fall wardrobe but before anything is traced and cut out they must be measured. My little guy has grown taller and has put on my weight but with the walking/running came a slim down in his waist and hips. (This is not a surprise to me seeing all my other kiddos did the very same thing.) A very happy surprise is that a bunch of his cloths from last year still fit him! Yep, even his favorite shirt! I think he still loves it as much as before and how could he not, it has great colors on it and the fabric is oh so soft. It's a favorite of mine too. 
The top is his Sailboat from Oliver + S. The sleeves are still a bit long so now I wondering if maybe I cut them too long. Before any new tops will be cut out I will have to double check this. I added the Velcro to the shirt because of button hole issues I was having but after this I am so glad I did, easy on and off! It is one of those happy mistakes. : ) I plan to keep this shirt this way for the next two as well.

The pants are the After School pants pattern from Oliver + S from last winter. I left the pockets off after seeing a Flicker friend little boy's made this way and just loved them. (I love everything that she sews!!) The pants being in the smaller range they look better without the front pockets I think. These are 12-18 month size but shortened. I find this pattern that the pants are slimmer fitting. This pair does sag a bit in the back so I am wondering if his brown 6-12month pair would fit him again, hhmm I will have to check. I used wales cord and love it still. They held up very well and look as though they should fit all fall and winter long.

The best part of these pants are the wee little pockets! They just kill me! (see the sagging in these very small pants ; ) )

I love when clothes from last year fit from one season to the next. I am hoping some of Sweet pea's will too.
Happy Sewing and have a Blessed Weekend!

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  1. Look at him running around! I love this outfit.:) The knits in Liesl fabric collections are some of the nicest knits I've come across.

    I'm always surprised at how much my kids' shapes change season to season. Great reminder...I need to remeasure mine before I do any fall sewing!


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