Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sewing but not Blogging

I have really been sewing but honesty I have not sat down and try to write any post on them. I am way behind in what I want to have done so at this point I am setting just for what can be done. I have a quilt top almost done and ready for Sweet pea's birthday next month, (I need to start me G's too!) I did manage to finish up almost all of the Waldorf doll sewing with a great post to come on that! I have almost finished a pair of Tea party pants suit in brown suiting for my Prince C. I do love this and can't wait to finish.....and the list goes on and on.
So now onto the pants! They are Afterschool pants for Sweet pea as she really needed some new winter pants. She has really worn out all but one pair form last year out. She is as tough as the boys on pants. The top pair was request by her. How I do loves these, she wanted to match grandpa so she could go hunting with him. I added ruffles so they would like girly.

On the back pockets I top stitched oak leaves. I not sure if this helps but she loves it. They are very sturdy pants too, perfect to play in the snow today.

She also needs a dressy pair so I made these pale pink stretch twill with lace. I am a lace kick this past week so I had to add it. (Wait till you see her Christmas doll!)

Front pockets

Back Pockets

I did make the hem longer on both of these pants so they would fit longer, Sweet pea seems to grow about 3" in six month time.

The fit is pretty good but I am afraid that this means I have to order the next size up in the pattern soon. We shall enjoy these while we can. : )
Happy Sewing!

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