Friday, August 15, 2014

My Little Sailor Boy and Last Day on Big pattern Sale!

This was a "I couldn't help myself" outfits. I seen this shirt like this on Flicker through a friend and had to make one for my baby boy too! I adore the Out to sea fabric line and I really couldn't help myself into making this outfit. The only problem was I needed the just the right dress shirt pattern. You see the original one had this awesome collar stand in a different fabric other than the white. (I used a different fabric for mine though) So when I was tested the Charlie's Camp Shirt I kept thinking how this pattern is the one I needed for Caspian's shirt! I was right too!

This shirt is a size 1. The only mods I made to this pattern was to cut the bottom of the shirt out straight instead of the "curved" bottom edge. I took the lowest point, where the button placket is, and drew/cut a straight line from there. Easy peasy mod if I say so.

The pants are from Oliver + S Sail Boat pattern. I cut out a size 18-24 months for him so they are longer in the legs (he wears the 6-12 month size still form 3 summers ago!) but this way they will fit maybe just as long as all his other pairs. That and they will cover more leg this fall to keep him warmer.

These pants have this awesome front with four working button holes/buttons on them. The back has elastic casing for ease of dressing. On all of his pants I used the button hole elastic so I have been able to get even more wear out of all them.  Caspian's Sail Boat pants are the most worn pants I have made him, three years in row for first three pairs! (Yes it does help that he is my skinny bean pole, you are what you eat I guess) They have held up very well.


Here is the other favorite part of this shirt of mine, the back pleats! I did move the back pleats out about 1 1/2" to outer sides on this one so it didn't interfere with the birds in the sky on the print. I think it looks super cute on him....but I am him mama. ; )

Since the pictures make the print hard to see I thought I would share these with you gals. The details photos! I love, love this fabric for this shirt so much!

The back, see the birds now?! Its like this fabric was made for this pattern!

and the awesome collar stand! Have I told you how much I love this pattern?!?

If you are thinking of ordering any of these pattern of Ellie Inspired, they are all PDF's and are still on sale for the rest of today until Midnight. She is even including a free tote bag pattern with every purchase too, so go check out her shop!!

Happy Sewing!


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