Saturday, August 23, 2014

Strawberry Bento Carrier, done at Last!

With the Little Things to Sew Cover to Cover challenge just about done I decide that I had to finish this Bento Carrier. I started it well over three years ago when I first bought the book. I messed up on some stitching, I stitched through all the layers instead of only on the inside so I dropped sewing it, which all it needed was bias to finish it. So Sad huh??

Well on Thursday I sat down and really finished it! I used some premade bias I had on hand at the house so it took all of five minutes. SO funny all that avoidance for years for five minutes of sewing time! Any way, lucky for me Sweet pea really loves strawberries still and she was super excited to able to use this. She had to pack green grapes, 9 of them by request, for a snack-to-go and declared it worked out perfect! Yay!

So the details, this one was made out of some of Sarah's fabric scrap fabrics at the time. I appliques' out of some butterfly fabric and sewn them onto the inside for a nice surprise. (yes the middle fabric is wrinkly but at least I know my sewing skills have improved since then) 

I even appliques some of the strawberry fabric to the outside. Which you can clearly see the stitching......which is why it took so long for me to pick it back up. You know what, Sarah didn't even noticed! how silly of me to think that it was a problem.

So do ladies have any of those projects started but not finish yet? There is still some time!!



  1. Love that you finished this, well done!

    1. thank you! Of all the things I have sewn this took me the longest to sew, even over the smocked dresses! hahaha

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Inder!! IT feels so good to finish it. :-)


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