Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Fairy Tale about the Fairy Tale Dress pattern

This years costume is made with the Fairy tale dress pattern .....again. How could I not?! ;-) Its had me thinking about all the dresses I have made with the wonderful pattern so I thought why not share them all to date in one post? 

 Plus even better over at Whimsical fabrics we will be having a sew along for this dress pattern too later this fall!! 

So Here it goes! 

My very first Fairy tale I made with added smocking. I made this with the help of my over sea's wonderful friend Tamara. 

It even has piping and bouillon roses on the collar. 

#2, this one was made for Once Upon A Thread sew along. It is from her favorite American Girl book at the time. 

She even acted out the book as we were taking pictures. 

#3, the dress was made into a longer version for a princess dress for playing in. I did go all out and hand sewn glass beads onto the bodice as well. This one is still hanging up in her closet. 

I am a bit sad that it is too small now. 

#4, a Skater's dress as she calls it. (from Dora the Explorer cartoon)  I made the snowflake embroidery by hand on the bodice. I even hand painted some of the dots with white glitter paint along the hem line. She wore this dress so much! It was a favorite for a long time. 

#5 and 6. Sweet pea's Boo Peep costume. I made a full under dress and a lace up corset dress to go over it. This was a work of love and so much fun to sew! I have this one hanging up still. One day I will put it up in my sewing room I think. 

Here is a much better look at the under dress from above. It has rows of ruffles, she used this as her Easter dress the following year as well. It was made in a white fabric that lined in pink. 

Dress #7 the voile fairy tale dress with a belt.  It was made with left over fabric form a dress of mine. I had to really fussy cut to make it but it is so worth the time in making the fabric stretch!  

I even made miss Ella one to match. 

Dress #8, the one with added princess seams and lots of ruffles! I made the skirt more full as well for both the main skirt and under skirt. This one still fits her and is super special! The fabric is from my wonderful from overseas. We both cherish this one so much, we think of our sweet friend every time she wears it. 

Dress #9, the Elsa Frozen Queen one! She still wears this one a lot as well. It is full of glittery snowflakes! It is beautiful but you should have seen the house when I was sewing it. hehehe 

This one is the one above but now it works as a cute top with the puppet show shorts. This one will be making it's way to Australia this winter to the lovely Nicole for her daughter. 

Dress #10 This is the one from the Make It Mine Challenge! from Whimsical Fabrics. This one was super fun to sew! I added long sleeves from the Apple Picking dress, the neck band from the Roller skate Dress and made a hem band so I could add the piping detail. 

The bow on this pattern has to be my favorite!! 

Last but not least dress # 11! Our Pinkalicous and the Pink drink dress. (from a book) I left the darts off on this one and added a circle skirt. It was really easy to change. She will be wearing a pettie skirt under it as well. 

I am sure you can tell I really love to sew with this pattern. If you would love to sew one of these  at Whimsical Fabrics there will be a sew along at the end of November for the Fairy Tale dress so please do join us!! I will teaching this sew along and it would be fun to have you along. Plus there are always fun prizes as well. 

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