Monday, October 19, 2015

Where the Wild Things Are

This year's little Prince C's costume was chosen by him, as he is growing up so fast and loves to help with all his things now. He chose to be a "big little monster" as he calls it. King of the Wild The Things as you may know him. 

This costume was easy peasy this year. I used a pattern I seen years ago over at Running with Scissors blog. (It was one of my favorite blogs a while ago but I know life gets busy and blog goes quite for some. I know you will enjoy readying past posts as much as I do still). The pattern went together great and fits my little guy well. I did make one change of of using buttons instead of a zipper. All I did was add a facing to both open front panels and add 1/8" elastic for button loops. 

His costume is mostly fleece with this unknown fabric as the tail. It does work as one! It's very fuzzy and has a nice weight to it. This was  really fun costume to make and it can work for a book week too. I love how he picked a book to have a costume after and not a movie of show on tv. 

"Let the rumpus begin!!" 

Then the Wild things made him their king. 

Yes he had to have the kings crown. He is after all King of the Wild Things? 

Then in the end he comes home, with papa. My little Wild Thing. 


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  1. Okay, I think you just broke the internet with cuteness. Seriously, that is FANTASTIC.


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