Monday, October 26, 2015

Little Miss Fairy Doll Plus Brother and Sister Fairies

I had a request for a lovely little fairy doll this past week so this last Friday night and Saturday morning I had some fun sewing up this little one. I will tell you that I never tire of sewing this dolls up! 

This little one has lace trim on the front of her dress and a full under tulle skirt. She has a head band of tiny flowers in her hair and I hand embroidered her face. Her hair, flowers, shoes and wings all all 100% wool felt as all the dolls I have made. They are so great for cuddling.  Sweet pea loves to sleep with her dolls. 

She has the same "sparkly" wings as my other ones i have made as well. I used metallic thread to stitch the details on her wings. All fairies must has some sparkle right?! 

Here are the two fairies I made for Sweet pea and Prince C last month. I had been so busy that I forgot to post them. Oops.  

They are brother and sister fairies. Jubilee and Julienne as Sweet pea named them. I altered the Fairy doll pattern to make the boy one and made a pattern for his shorts and acorn hat. It was really easy to do.  

Sister fairy has freckles with lace trimmed dress.  She has several colors layered on her tulle skirt that matches the the orange on her dress fabric. The dress fabric was left over from Sweet pea's AG horse dress. She was so happy that I had enough for her doll.   

Brother fairy has his cute hat, that never seems to stay on him, it comes off during flight. hehehe Prince C loves it though. 

I gave he two little ones in our house these on the first day of fall. I need to get ready to make some Elves now for the winter season that is coming up, that's me always planning ahead. ;-) 

Happy Sewing!! 


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