Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Little Bit Of Christmas For Prince C to Match His Big Sister

It is Prince C's turn for some Christmas sewing! After sewing his sister Sweet pea's dress he requested a Nutcracker vest to match her dress. Lucky for me he is so tiny still I was able to squeak out a vest just for him! I only had to add fabric firm my stash for the front lining of the vest. The fabric is just the right color to match lucky us! It was also so wonderful to find out that I can make vests with only scrap fabrics, Prince C was so thrilled that he went "shopping" through my scrap bin. 

See the happy dancing boy?!? Yep he was that happy over this outfit! 
I used Oliver and S Art Museum vest and pant pattern and he is wearing his shirt from Easter that I made him. The pants are made in a Fabric Finders Rust color corduroy. This pattern never disappoints either. 

The pants have slanted front pockets with welt pockets on the back and on the vest. I made some fun welt pockets for his vest. Christmas vest should be fun right?! 

He is already looking for Santa too. When you are three it seams to take a very long time for him to come. 

I think it is so sweet that these two love to match still, I hope they do not out grow it for while. They are really best friends as best friends can be. Every mother's dream come true. 

Yep, they are plotting together some mischief. ;-) 

For Prince C's second top choice for Christmas fun is a white tree knit Field Trip T-shirt. I did double the width of the neck band to give it more of a turtle neck feel and too keep my little guy warm. 

The above photo was the only smiling photo I got this time, he was busy playing the "Wheels on the bus". He still looks pretty cute though. So round one is done and on to round two of Christmas sewing!! 

**a Note to readers, I did offer to make the older boys the very same outfit but they declined. I don't know why? ha-ha!!**

Happy Sewing!!


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