Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fairy tale Christmas dress for Sweet pea and her doll!

Last month I made Sweet pea a purple Art Gallery Fairy Tale dress for the holiday season, it's perfect for Christmas and New Years alike. It turned out to be a favorite dress of hers. So for Christmas her doll Isabelle had to have one as well to match Sweet pea's. 

 Since Oliver and S does not have doll pattern for all their patterns yet (*Hint, hint Liesl!!)I had to draft my own. I did leave the darts off this dress but on the next one I will add them to it. This dress is sewn very much like the big version, fully lined with a full crinoline underneath and finished with a big sash bow tied on back. 

The plan was for this dress to be a Christmas morning present but Sweet pea found it before hand any way so it is now on Isabelle for the Christmas week.  She does have to change into her pj's at night though. ;-) 

Here is the skirt's details. Sweet pea wanted it to be just like hers. This dress was also sewn with just the scraps from Sweet pea's dress. I think on my next Oliver and S pattern I will do the very same again! I think this will be some fun projects for the New Year for both my daughter and I. 

Well these two all set for Christmas Eve! I still have 5 sewing days left and so much more to blog about!

happy Sewing!!


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