Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Valentine's Day Love!

What a better way to celebrate Valentine's Day then sewing for my two youngest loves! 

After Christmas these two loved their matching outfits so I had to make another holiday set as requested by both of them. (I better enjoy this while I can!! The three older ones have by far out grew this stage.) 

These fabrics are all from Whimsical Fabrics in one great bundle on sale today only! (Well all but the corduroy pants that is.) All four prints are included in one set for one great low price, you can't beat that! I bought the corduroy from Whimsical fabrics as well a while ago. It was great to be able to make matching sets and not worrying about pairing prints and fabrics. 

You can find this bundle deal at Whimsical Fabrics and Me Group. Look for the Wacky Wednesday deal!! 

First onto my little Price C. He is wearing Oliver and S Art Museum pants and vest paired with the Sketchbook shirt.  The pants are sewn in a Fabric Finders cord, complete with welt pockets on the back side. Price C could live in these pants! I have two more sets that need to be sewn this winter for him.  

The vest also has the wonderful welt pockets on the front, a plus for little man. He loves the pockets on this vest so much!  I made the vest lining and back vest in the same fabric as the sketchbook shirt. I think it has a Dick Van Dyke look to them. 

I cut the front welt pockets out on the bias for diagonal stripes.  

I also modified the sketchbook shirt to make it a two piece collar instead of a one piece. I love the way the collar fits like this. I also added a bias hem to the bottom of the shirt just for fun for me.  

Outfit #1 for Sweet pea! The blouse is the Children's Corner Mary De pattern and the skirt is from Oliver and S Swing Set skirt. The blouse is made straight form the pattern, no mods. I love the fit and style of this blouse with skirts! I can see a few more of these being sewn up. 

The skirt I did add a hem band to the skirt's lining for a second fabric to the skirt to be seen while worn. Sweet pea decided that this outfit is perfect for dancing in, and that is just what she and Price C was doing! Ha-ha! 

Outfit #2 for Sweet pea! 

This one is from Children's Corner Mary De pattern. All I can say is :LOVE!!!
The blouse above is the under shirt for the jumper. It looks great with or with out the jumper. The jumper can be worn without the blouse for summer time as well. It's so lovely and classic.  

The smocking plate included in the pattern was perfect for a Valentine's Day outfit as well. I really enjoyed making this dress so very much. I will not lie when I say I took my time smocking because I was enjoying it so. I need to start smocking much more often! 

I even made a piping for the jumper out of the pink and white striped fabric. 

Here is the back side, it has a lovely crossed wrap style back. I will be making a voile version for summer time of the jumper part. I am wondering how it will pleat up but I am sure it will be so much fun to make. 

Happy Valentines Day from us to you!!! 

Sharon and family

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