Monday, April 18, 2011

Picture Frame Hair bow Tutorial

 I painted this picture frame up for Sweet pea's nursery before she was born but did nothing with it after that. (before it was a blue color but there wasn't any glass or backing on it) It has been sitting on my shelf in my sewing room ever since. last night I got this idea to take this frame and some scraps of ribbons to make her a hair bow holder. It took about 30 minutes to make the whole thing.
**You'll need a picture frame, no glass or backing on it
scrap pieces of ribbons
and a hot glue gun**

First cut all the ribbons to lenght. Start at the bottom and hot glue the ribbons on one at a time. Be sure to stretch the ribbon tight when you glue the second end of the ribbons.
This is what the back will look like when all the ribbons are glued on. Flip over to the front to finish off with a pretty bow.
I took two different sheer ribbons and tied them into a big bow with a long tail on them. I glued the darker color on it then glued the tails of the ribbon to the picture frame. I them took the lighter color bow and glued it on top of the darker color ribbon.
As I glued the ribbon tail of the lighter pink ribbon on I twisted it around a bit to give it pretty look. I twisted the tail a bit then glued it about mid way point then twisted it around a little more and glued it again. Repeat with the other Ribbon tail. 

That's it and your done!! Quick and easy!
Now just hang it on your little girls wall. :)

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