Saturday, August 13, 2011

The School Girl Jumper

 This week over at Simple Simon & Company she had a sew along for this so cute school girl jumper. Isn't cute!?! It was so easy and quick to make too!
It looks great paired with Sweet pea's Oliver + s music class blouse I made her too. The funny thing was I was sewing the jumper and my oldest son walked in and said "oh green dots". I thought they where brown until he said this and looking closer the dots were green, lol. But it was fine because I realized that the dots are the same color as her blouse! Small world. :)   
 This is where she was done having her pictures taken,lol. She even gave me a funny look.....
 And then turned and left! But I do love the look of the back of the jumper too. I used fabric covered buttons. 

Check out Simple Simon & Company blog, there is so many wonderful tutorials from a very talented woman!



  1. It's looks great on her.

  2. Sharon,

    Your dress turned out darling! And I love it with the Oliver and S blouse which I have the pattern for but would have never thought of together!!!!

    It really turned out cute!!!!

  3. Hi've made some beautiful clothes for Sweet Pea lately, but I have to say, in my humble opinion this one is one of my favourites!

  4. Thank you ladies! I really love this dress too. I am wanting try and make one with pleats too. sharon

  5. So cute! My little one is starting a Two's class in a week and I'm trying to put together a cute wardrobe. This dress is adorable. Thanks for sharing :-)


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