Friday, June 24, 2011

A Bit of Oliver + S goodness

Last week when the computer was down I was still busy having a ball sewing! I made theirs Oliver + S music class outfit for Sweet pea. The shirt has pin tucking on it and there is even lined pockets on the skirt!

The skirt and shirt have great detail on them for being so small. I really love the pleats on the bottom of the skirt and there is a pleat on the sleeve.

Over all I love this pattern. It isn't hard to make but I will tell you making the pin tucking took a while, (I didn't have a fabric marker at the house, which would have made it much faster!) but really worth it. 

And here are my dress and bonus top from the sew along this past week. I thought if I was already making a dress I might as well make a blouse too. :)

This classic dress has buttons down the whole back and has this beautiful pin tucking on it too! The hem detail is very nice too.  The pattern explains how to make the pin tucking very well, a must pattern to buy! 
I really love the dress but I am head over heals for the top! I love the way it looks with Sweet pea's jeans. I am going to be making more of these tops for sure!

Happy Sewing and have a great weekend!!


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  1. Dear Sharon

    I love your Music Class Outfit! The blouse colour is spot on too. I hope I can get my hands on this pattern..but it's too pricey to order and ship to my country.

    Cheers! I love your daughter's new jumper too.


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