Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dressy Finch Shorts!

Have you herd of the Clever Charlotte patterns yet? If not you should go check them out over here! I first found them through Flicker. After seeing the black pair here and this cute pair here I just had to order this pattern for Sweet pea, well grandma and grandpa did for her birthday. :)
 I did make these using the tutorial for Nicole's blog, what a very clever woman she is!  
I love the pleats, the cuffs and the button details! By adding the velvet ribbon to the shorts it makes them very dressy to wear out on the town. (and yes we are still in diapers....)
 They is such great details in such a little pair of shorts but they are very easy to sew! If button holes scare these are the shorts for you, there are none to make at all. The instructions are easy and simple to follow and have stunning results.

Sweet pea just loves them too!! She was begging me to finish them last night but it till this morning to finish them up. They are a stretch twill and are super soft so very comfortable for her to wear. (they started out as maternity pants but with the heat and the baby due any time I thought she could use these shorts more than I needed the pants!)
 After making this pair for little one I think I'll have to start a black pair next. You know Sweet pea just doesn't have enough closes. ;)
In case your wondering, yes I made the top too. :) It was a dress last year on her but makes a wonderful top this year. It is an easy McCall's pattern that I just added the ruffles too. She has a matching dress too with ruffled bottom bloomers. The fabric is Nicey Jane, some of my favorite spring time summer fabrics. :)

Happy Sewing!!


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  1. These are lovely and thank you for your kind words!
    This is my favourite shorts pattern!


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