Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Dress

I made this dress a few days ago and I am just now posting on it. I am getting to the point where sewing is very difficult due to my big belly. (36 weeks!) This is the Oliver + S Bubble Dress done in a sheer fabric and linen lining the inside. It drapes nicely and is light weight for the hot summer heat.
I used some daisy trim around the waist and matching Daisy buttons. Sweet pea tells me it's her "faborite dress". She had to wear it to bed the night I finished it. :) I love the fact that she now is wearing everything I make her and liking it. It doesn't get better than that!

This will be the last of Sweet pea sewing for a bit for me. I do have two more tops cut out and two pairs of shorts I wanting to get to but decided to put it off for right now. I am trying to finish up two vintage bubbles for the baby and one Sailboat top for him this weekend then a little brake for a couple of weeks for me. The boys finish their last week in school this Thursday so it will be pretty busy around here soon!

Happy Sewing!


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