Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some Last Minute Sewing for Baby

I finished the baby's last two bubbles! (I will be making more but not till after little one gets here) I do love this pattern too. It everything baby and still looks dressy for going out. That is so hard to find for baby boys.
I used the Children's at Play line for both of these. This one I left the trim off of it and decided to edge stitch it instead. I love the little buttons on it!

This one I used some trim I had been saving for some time and used ribbon for tie instead of buttons. The ribbon was from friend, it looks perfect with this fabric, thanks Deb!!
I love the wrap design, wonderful for hot weather.
I placed the snaps so they are hidden under the fabric. The top wrap is sewn to the under so this was very easy to do. Putting the snaps in was another story though. On the first one no problem but the second one made me want to say a few choice words. Then after taking an hour brake or so I realized that the one side of the snaps was upside down. Duh!! Hopefully I won't make that mistake again. ;)  

I also made a little paci clip for the baby too. The ribbon was from Aunt Fran and the fabric was scraps that I juts had laying around the house. The top of it is a big fabric covered button with a clip glued onto the back. It was fairly easy to make.
Then I made a paci bag to put inside the diaper bag to make finding the pacis easier. I used twill tape on the side to put onto the diaper bag.

Now all we need is the little baby! Hopefully sooner than later anytime from now until about 2 weeks from now. I hoping now. ;)

happy Sewing!!



  1. Love them! I used to sew heirloom garments for my daughter and son when they were little. I loved sewing for my little boy, and kept him in bubbles, portrait collars with lace and embroidery, and jon-jons until he was four years old.

  2. These are divine!
    If I have another boy I will be asking you for details!

  3. What pattern did you use or did you create your own?


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