Friday, August 10, 2012

My Sailor Boy!

 My Sailor boy little Prince C. What a sweet little boy he is.
 All of my baby boys had a little sailor outfit but this is the first one I have ever made for a boy. I used Simplicity 4711 for this one. This pattern is also the very first pattern I sewn for Sweet pea. (I'll have to share pictures of this one later!)
 I used simple kona cotton fabric with white ribbon for trim. The back has MOP buttons and I used snaps for the leg closers. As always I had a hard time with the snaps until I realized I had the snap backwards! After I turned the snap around it was easy peasy. (You would think that I would learn my lesson on the snaps by now.)
 I did make some mods to this pattern. I made the whole outfit fully lined so I had to change the structure of the collar some and also the bodice. It took a little fidgeting but it did come together nicely in the end.
 Front and back.
 The inside lining, I love to line the outfits so that there is not any seams to scratch baby.
 I did also make the back bodice like that of the Oliver +S bubble dress pattern. I love the way the dress finishes.
All in all this was very fun to sew!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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  1. This is awesome. Do you have this for sale? And how much in AUS $$. Thank you.


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