Monday, August 6, 2012

So Clever Charlotte!

 I sew mostly from Oliver + S patterns but another pattern I so love is the Finch top and shorts from Clever Charlotte. This is such an easy pattern and there are so many ways to change it up. This top is made in a 3T for my ever growing Sweet pea, I made it a 4T in length so she can layer it this winter and still wear it this coming summer. She is has been getting so tall!
 She totally loves the bow on this one! I made the bow with the hook and loop tape on the back so that the bow can be taken off easily. I did this for dear hubby who hates the bow on this top when he tries to buckle Sweet pea in her car seat. Problem solved!
 I added some pretty velvet ribbon to this pair, made just like the brown twill ones from Nicole's tutorial. They are finished off with some metal heart buttons.
 I also made Sweet pea a lace White top with pin tucks throughout the fabric. The fabric is light weight so I added a pink kona cotton for the lining fabric as to make the top a very pale pink color. (Pink is her favorite color right now!)I left the bow off this top and instead added a big button for a more "grown" look to it.
 I love the back on this top too, it's a racer back so very comfortable for summer time. I also made this top a 3T with the 4T length to layering for this winter and wear for the next summer too. Now onto some school sewing for Mr. J next and if I am very lucky maybe some good sleep too. ;)


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  1. I hope you were able to get some sleep! Love the Minnie Mouse top paired with the black's super cute.:)


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