Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tea Party's Little Whale

 Oh my little baby boy, what a joy you are! He has grown so much in 7 weeks. His little whale outfit now fits him wonderfully! I love him in it too.
 I used the Oliver + S Tea Party pattern for this one. I did make mods to it by changing the bodice and short pattern pieces from separate into one pattern piece. I also added cuff to the shorts part and made a button placket to the leg closers. The bonnet is a vintage pattern that I go from mom. The fabric is from the Children at Play line.
 Here is his outfit when I finished it this past spring. I had also made one for friends baby too. It was fast and easy to make.
 I really love the little whale on it. A wonderful summer outfit that I had thought would have fit him sooner.
Sweet pea's baby doll was actually bigger than baby C when he was born. Now he is way bigger and the bonnet fits him now too. Although I am sure Sweet pea will be happy to have it for her baby doll when he out grows it. ;) It makes me wonder how quick will the 6-12m clothes will fit him.


  1. He looks gorgeous in his new outfit. Does he look much like the others at that age..I think he looks very similar to Sweet Pea.

    1. He looks a little like each one of the kids at this age. His looks change a little bit each day.

  2. love this outfit!!! Such an adorable little man - and the whale is perfect. Did you free hand the whale or use a template (I want to put a whale on a hoodie and the proportions of yours are great!). Great work~ Suzanne

    1. Thank you! I found this template one plus some other cute ones at Skirt as Top. Here is the link


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