Friday, March 8, 2013

My First School Photo Dress!!

A while ago on the Oliver + S flicker group a lady made this dress. I fell in love with it and wanted to try it myself. Lucky for me Liesl asked her to make a tutorial of it. You can find it over here.  I have been dying to make this dress for months so I am so happy to finally have it made! (Can you tell??)

My grandmother sent this gorgeous corduroy fabric back In November which was perfect for this dress I think.  I was planning on making the dress back then but some how time got away from me. I did make a size 4 though so I know it will fit this next year at least.  Although The pattern matching isn't great (I didn't even try in the back) and there is a pucker under the sleeve I am still very happy with how this dress came out.

As to no surprise the pattern was very well written and much easier to follow than I thought, even for a three scissor pattern. I have come to love how well written the Oliver + S patterns are, I am even a bit spoiled by them. ; ) This dress was a bit time consuming but well worth the time that goes into making it.

The part I am most excite about is the zipper. Can you see it? Good I can't either. ; )
This is by far the best zipper I have ever put in! At the time I cut this out I didn't match the pattern on the fabric on the back pannels but now I wish I did. Oh well, nothing I can do now.

At first Sweet pea wasn't thrilled with dress. I am not as to be sure why. It does have her favorite colors on it. She didn't even want to help me make this one. That all changed by the zipper part. The poor girl doesn't have many dresses with zippers in them. Buttons are way easier to put in and Sweet pea has a love for buttons.... well, so do I. That and this morning when she got out of bed it was very cold and the dress is really warm. Double points!

I will be sure to make more of these dress. I love the pattern very much. Next maybe a smocked one similar to this one? In pink ginume with little bullion roses on it? We'll see.



  1. Oh Sharon...the dress is beautiful! It looks adorable on little miss Sweet Pea.:)

    1. Thank you! She was acting so silly this morning, it maes for great photos. ; )

  2. What a beautiful dress and girl! I haven't tried a three scissor pattern yet but I really want to try this one and the birthday party dress.

    1. Thanks, I say go for it! All they really do is take some time sew. It really has gerat results for the pattern.


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