Sunday, March 3, 2013

8 Months Old and Banded Boy Bubble

My second post today! Yep, nothing for weeks now lots of photos and great sewing projects to share with you ladies! After I have had a no sewing spell for few weeks I have lots of sewing projects I am inching to make. I had surgery on the 4th last month and I am now just starting to get back into the swing of things. That and we have started to home school our oldest son too. It is time consuming but so worth it.
Now back to sewing and this little guy. He just turned 8 months old! He has been growing so quick. He is scooting around the floor and very close to crawling. He can stand with some help and he never sits still anymore. We do love him so much. He seems to have everyone wanting to play with him at all times. Napping is becoming hard to do, he doesn't want to miss anything that is going on. He is a little ball of fun. :)
As this little prince is getting bigger I want to make him some classic baby boy clothes before he is too old. Last fall I found patterns called Creations By Michie' and fell in love with them. I found two patterns a couple of weeks ago in the local fabric store and bought them both. The first to try was the Banded Boy Bubble. I made a size 12 months thinking it was going to be big and fit more towards the end of spring when the weather here gets warmer. I was in for a surprise though, it fits beautifully right now. That's great but the high is only 50 degrees. Oh well,  it still looks great on him. : )

The pattern is easy to follow and has lovely results. I love the fit too. There is plenty of room for crawling, playing and rolling around. I think it will be great for the summer heat.

My favorite part of this pattern has to be the pin tucks. His has to be is it is so easy to reach his feet wearing this. It must have been because the whole time he was after them. ;-)

Can you see his top two teeth?!? Yes, a tiny mouth full!

Now there are lots of photos of this Little guy. He is just too easy to take pictures of! He may not sit still but he smiles the whole time. He really smiles all day. My happy baby boy!

His new game is sticking out his tongue. I think it's so cute, but most everyhing he does is.

I love you my Prince C!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, he is SO CUTE. And that outfit!! He's straight out of a painting! Love it.


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