Sunday, March 3, 2013

Little Things To Sew Messenger Bag

Believe it or not I made this back in in the beginning of January for Christmas gift for a special friend. You see she isn't only a great friend but she is also my favorite aunt. :) I decided to make her this Messenger bag from the LTTS book. I have wanted to make one of these forever for myself so I though that she would like too.

Sweet pea and I made a trip to the fabric store together. I picked out some fabric for the lining then she picked out the fabric for the bias on the bag. The fabric went very well with the other fabrics too. Sweet pea is getting such a good eye for matching colors. I love to sew things with this little girl!

I had help on the pockets from McStitch. When made hers she realized that the pocket flaps were on the small side. I made mine the same size as her redone pocket flaps .

This bag does have plenty of pockets too! There are even pockets on the sides and inside too. The boys love all the pockets on this bag.  I'll have to get around later on this spring and make all of them one too.

This pattern was a three scissors so I have been kind of stalling on making it but to my surprise it was very easy to make a quite fun too! I should have known that any Oliver + S pattern would be very well written. ; )
Until then,
Happy sewing!


  1. I've been stalling too. You've given me inspiration to make this bag. Yours looks really good and I'm sure your Auntie is going to love it.

  2. This is great - a lovely gift!
    I've been stalling also - since prior to Christmas 2011, in fact!


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