Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sweet pea's New/Old Big Girl Bed

A couple of weeks ago some one gave us a bed for our oldest son J so Sweet pea in return got J's old twin bed.
I had to go out and buy some pink polka dotted sheets  for it by her request and lucky for me we had a lovely quilt for it already. This just isn't any quilt either. It was made by my great-grandmother years and years ago. (It still looks new even) I have had it put away just for this.

Sweet pea loves the whole bed too! She had to try it out. ; )

Mama had to buy her a new night light too. The light reflects off the crystals very lovely in dim light at night. She calls it her princess light.  

We also repainted the a baby cradle that was given to us when Prince C was born. That way Sweet pea could have it for her "babies". She helped to paint the whole thing too. I think she did a great job. : )

It was the best night sleep for her too! She had been sleeping in her bed almost every night since then. It's amazing what  new a bed can do.


  1. Oh, a Holly Hobby quilt! That is very special for Sweet Pea. Love her new light too

  2. Sweet Pea has a lovely new bed! I'm envious of her fancy new night light...I bet it's magical to see the light reflecting off of the crystals.:)


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