Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Nursing Cover

Any day now my nephew and his lovely wife are going to have their second baby boy. EEPPP! We are all so excited here. : )
The mother-to-be ask me if I would make her a nursing cover, I sure would!! 
I found this pattern over at Pretty Prudent. It was quick to make and sew, I so wish I had made a few of these when mine were all babies. : ( Where did the time go?!?

Any how, I wanted to find a fabric with kittens in it, this has kitten and puppies. I almost bought 3 yards of this fabric. I love it dearly but I was not sure what else I would make with it so it I held back I didn't. Now I wish I had of although still no idea what I do with it. ; )

I really would like to make her one more if she likes it. I do love sewing for babies!

Happy Sewing!



  1. This is such a cute, simple pattern! I used the same cover for both of my kids, and to cover up when pumping at work (door was closed, but wouldn't lock - no one barged in but it helped me be less nervous!).

    1. It sure is! I do wish I had made myself some now.


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