Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day Dreaming of Warm Weather

I was so excited to move back up north, I missed the beautiful white sparkly snow! How fun is it to go sledding in, build a snowman with the kids and even the fun snowball fight. Yes, I sure did miss having a real winter....I am so over that now! It's 8f out right now, oh where are you spring!

So to make it seem a bit warmer I thought I would follow suit as to some friends of mine and sew for the coming summer (seems like a life time away now) months. I broke down with the sale over at O+S and bought the hula hoopskirt pattern. I have been drooling over every single one that Petra has made. I hope to find some great bright summer fabric and Sweet pea a few more up like hers. I am so glad I bought too, it was so much fun to sew! Easy too! I love it even more after I sewn this one.

The top picture is side one of the great skirt!

The skirt is reversible too, how clever of Liesl!
I made a hopscotch top ala Nicole to go with her new skirt. The front of the shirt is simple the same as the back but with just a deeper neckline. Thank you Nicole for the ingenious idea! The hat is the Tulip hat from Cottage mama. I have made Sweet pea two of these hats before and they are her favorite. I did add a wee little bow on the top of it.

So are you sick of all this snow yet? I think I need to go on vacation to visit some friends in warmer weather!

Happy Sewing!



  1. Sweet little outfit for warmer days!
    Not sick of the snow here just yet....lots more outdoor activities to do!

    1. thank you, sadly it's hard to get out in this cold weather with the baby, he gets sick so easy. I am ready to outdoors again!

  2. A totally cute outfit! Snow sounds nice ... but not THAT nice ... sorry!

    1. hehehe, it was at first! I am dreaming about hot summer days now.


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