Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Mr. G and Sweet pea!

This month at our house we celebrated Mr. G's 8th birthday and Sweet pea's 4th! I can not believe how much these two have grown. Sniff, sniff.

Every year I make their birthday cakes, this year's cake for my big boy was a camouflage cake. I made the tree out of a ice cream cone and even added deer tracks across the top of the cake. I found this camo sugar paper at eth store and added it to the sides. Not bad looking I think, at least I know G loved it!  

See, it's even camo in the inside. It from a mix this year, Duff Stuff cake mix. It was very yummy for a box mix! 

I made Mr. G a LTTS book bag, here's a sneak peek at it! You have to wait to see the rest. ; ) 

Sweet pea picked out a little paper kit for her cake, she told me she wanted a Lalaloopsy Cake this year after we had bought it, yep it sure look like it does belong on a Lalaloopys cake to me! 

I made the frosting colors to match her decorations for the top and sides. She was very thrilled with it!

I did finish her dolly dress so they matched her birthday. 

I remade the School photo dress in a dolly size for a 14" Waldorf doll. It came out fitting very well I think. Sweet pea was thrilled with it!

I even made a matching nappy by request. Really need to buy some fabric fat quarters and make a bunch of these clothe nappies up one day. They really are supper easy and quick to make.

Would you like to make a wee little dress??
If so I'll be sharing on how I did this later on in the week!

Happy Birthday my little Loves!!



  1. Beautiful cakes! And I definitively want to make the doll dress. I don't even know if I have the school photo pattern already. I have quite a few Oliver and S patterns that I haven't made yet and I have lost track what I have.

    1. Thank you! I always wanted to own my own bakery. I am going to have to make another dress doll dress, Sweet pea has told me that the Aunt Fran's baby dolly wants on too. (it's really hers but that's what she named it)

  2. Happy Birthday, Mr. G and Sweet Pea! Their cakes are amazing, Sharon.:)

    1. Thank you Cindy! I had a bunch of making them too.


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