Friday, January 3, 2014

Better Late Than Never!

It is always to get things done late than never. This was suppose to be Prince C's Christmas outfit. I got a great start on it but was not able to finish on time. The good news it's done and I didn't pick out "Christmasy" colors so he can wear it all winter long! Both pattern are Oliver + S, both are my favorite patterns for him too. (the most used as well)

The Tea Party suit is a size 12-18 months made into pants with a button leg close instead of the snaps. This works so much better than the snaps, they never ever come undone! So important with an active baby or toddler. ; )
I also added an inch to top of the pants/body suit part as well to allow room for him to grow.
(wasn't he just the cutest little baby!!)
His fox Tea party would still fit him if I just did this when I sewn them. I hope to have time to make him a new pair this winter.
Oh yes, the fabric for these are a pant suiting I found Hancock's this past spring. I have made Mr. W and Mr. G both pairs of the sketchbook out this same fabric and have a pair cut out for Mr. J as well.

The shirt is made out of left over fabric form Sweet pea's winter red wool coat. It flannel fabric form Moda Wool and Needle line. It's so think and soft, I love to pet it and so does Prince C. It makes such a lovely shirt for him.

I also made piping for the Tea party suit, I love thin piping on this suit between bodice for my wee little boy.

The shirt is the sketchbook pattern made into a onesie shirt. This is great for little ones, now his shirt does not come untucked ever! It's fairly easy to do. I used a bias on the hem and used snaps to keep it all closed between the legs. I will make a tutorial on this a week or two as soon as my other sewing on list is done.
Out side there is a bunch of snow and I have four kids wanting to go out and play,
Happy Sewing!!


  1. Fantastic, beautiful work as always, Sharon. The details - the piping, the buttons, the onesie shirt - just perfect!

    1. aaww, thank you. I just love sewing for this little guy.

  2. Very keen to sew your tute Sharon.
    Sweet boy.

    1. Thank you! I hope to get to it early next week, all this snow is throwing my timing off.

  3. Love the onesie shirt...makes for such a smart outfit!

    1. Thank you Cindy! This has become another fast favorite of his. Between this outfit and his Nature walk I have to pry them off for bath time with him screaming, "No mama, no!" at me. I think it's the best complement from him I could get. ; )


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