Monday, August 21, 2017

Class Picnic for the First Day of School

I am late posting this as school started this past Thursday but better late than never right?? I have been busy sewing away that I have not taken time to post the past few things I have sewn. (I am in the middle of Price C sewing love and enjoying every minute!) Sweet pea chose the Ruffled Class Picnic outfit for this special first day. She said she loves the top and shorts the same but I am very sure that the ruffles shorts is her favorite garment I made her this school year. 

Top and shorts are both a size 8, Sarah measures in between ad size 6 and 7 but I wanted for her to be able to wear this outfit for a while so I went with the 8. I had for gotten how much I love this pattern that I did make 3 tops. I still feel the need to make a few more, a girl cannot have too many of the Class Picnic tops right??!!

The short s are ala Beachmom from the Oliver and S group. Her shorts are what sold me on this pattern years ago. I used a chambray and a rolled hem on the ruffle. These really were pretty fast to sew to my surprise. I thought that with all the ruffles it would take a while. I also the added length the ruffle make as well. The top sewn up like a dream, I love how fast this whole pattern is to make, maybe as why I want to sew more tops up! 

More back to school sewing to come!



  1. Gorgeous!!! Such ruffly shorts! I can see why she's so delighted!


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