Thursday, August 31, 2017

Red, White, and Blue Sketchbook Set for Prince C

Rainy days and our Sketchbook outfit pair for the perfect end of summer days. Prince C has been living in his newest sets for the past month so this mama had to sew more up! I have four more tops cut out and waiting on me as well. If you do not own this pattern yet and have boys I highly recommend it! It's been a staple in pattern collection from the begging of my Oliver and S days. One of the very first ones I purchased. You can say I have more than got my money's worth from this one! 

I did switch it up a tiny nit and added a second picket and both pockets with points on the bottom for a different look. I did cut the button placket and the pockets out and the bias as well. I am a sucker for this look. I did also make the collar in two pieces again as I love how nicely they lay and also made the hem with the bias strip as well. I think hemming goes more smoothly this method. 

Here is a closer look at the collar. This is such an easy mod to make so the pattern pieces are already there. 

With all the sets of these that I have made over the years I longer need to pull out the instructions and find it such a relaxing sew. maybe I can start sewing these in my sleep and get a head in my sewing. ;) That would be nice! 

Happy Sewing! 


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  1. So cute!!! I'm like you, I continue to get more than my money's worth out of this pattern! Almost time to make Joe a new Sketchbook Shirt for school photos!


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