Thursday, August 17, 2017

Air-mail Sketchbook Set

With school starting today for all the children I am sharing Prince C's first day of school outfit. Today marked the first day of homeschooling for him and he will start PreK on Monday, well Tuesday with the solar eclipse so we can all watch it as a family together.  The three youngest have been reading up on it and are excited to see the "show" on Monday. With this we start the new school year for Prince C! 

I am finally sewing him a size 4, the last size in this envelope! I started to sew this pattern for him long before her was born. It was one of the first patterns I purchased to sew for him. While the size 4 is roomy it was emotional to to cut and sew this size. 

Well after 50 some Sketchbook tops I can say I have learned a few tricks and no longer need to pull out the pattern's instructions any more. My favorite one is to use a bias to hem the bottom of the shirt. The bias makes it easier finish the hem and is also a great way to add fun fabric to the inside of any of shirts. I like the clean look it gives as well. The shorts are even quicker to sew with a 1/2 hour sewing time now. The Sketchbook shorts are his favorite ones to wear at the moment. He has four but I think we need to make just a few more. 

I really do use much fun fabric for his tops so I deiced this year to make him as many as I can. This was the first one in the Kinder-line for him. I have a Sarah Jane Firefly one cut and waiting as type, plus an Illinois College one in both long sleeve and short sleeve as well. I love the many looks for this pattern as it can be dressed up or down. 

Get  a good look at this face, he is not a baby anymore!! Very Princely though as he has always been. 

He is the most full of life child I have. he is rarely in a bad mood and everyone is a friend for life once he meets you. I know this school year will hold many new things for him. 

He is also my biggest ham too! (He just learned to make duck lips.)
"mmmwwwwaaaaa" Love Prince C!" 

Happy Sewing, 



  1. He is growing up! But he's getting cuter and cuter!!! What a sweetheart! Love this shirt, and yes, it always pulls the heartstrings when they age out of a size. Other moms freak out when their kids change grades (well, I do that too), we sewing moms freak out when they size up! Hugs!

    1. Yes we sure do! I still cannot believe our babies have grown so much! It seems like yesterday they were born. Since Prince C is now in a size 4 I am finding myself to starting a huge sewing spree for him. One pair of Sketchbook shorts, a few after school tops and pants, and many more Sketchbook shirts were cut out this past week. I am still looking for the right fabric for a Tea Party play suit as well. I must sew all the size 4!


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