Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pinwheel Tunic Trimmed in Lace

I am back again today with a Pinwheel Tunic from Oliver and S patterns. My daughter requested a few only tops for school this year and the Pinwheel tunic is always a hit with her. I did make this one a wee bit different by using only one fabric for the whole tunic instead of the two and trimmed the flounce in a red lace. I think this would be very lovely with red leggings this autumn as well.   

Just as most the sewing I have done I did make this a size 8 so that it will have plenty of growing room well into next school year. I love ti when all her clothes fit for a long time. She is still wearing a few of her size 5 and 6 this school as well. That is what I love about Oliver and S is the amount of time that she gets for ware out of each garment. 

As always with Oliver and S patterns this was a joy to sew, very relaxing even. I have plans to sew a least two more sets of these on her size along with two more just tunics. I am not sure if you ladies are this way but when I sew a pattern that I thoroughly enjoy I just want to keep sewing them. So much a minimalist wardrobe for Sweet pea! So a warning to you if you have not sewn this pattern it that it is very habit forming as well as the the other O+S ones. ha! 

There is nothing more satisfying of this pattern than that of sewing the flounce onto the bodice portion. I love the no gathering but the point makes it look so professional. Without needing gathering this tunic went together very quickly too. It's a great pattern to sew when you need something in hurry! 

I did also modify the back and added a button loop. I used the button loop pattern piece from the Ice Cream dress as Sweet pea prefers this to the ties. She still just adores her buttons! This one is from Great grandma. 

I also love how this style looks great on the wee ones but also looks great on an older girl. It transitions form age very nicely, I see us using this pattern clear up till she out grows the size range. 

I am back to cutting out Prince C Sketchbook tops!

Happy Sewing, 


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