Thursday, October 13, 2011

No Button Placket Shirt Tutorial

 I love the carefree style of this shirt, it goes great with Mr G's personality! He loves it because there are no buttons to fuss with, and when your 5 that's a good thing. ;)
 I have seen shirts very simular ot this around the internet lately, like here, here and here, and just fell in love with the stlye of it but the only problem is that I really don't want to have to buy a pattern and that it is  very hard to find a pattern also. Great boy paterns are just so hard to find. So my solution was to alter a pattern I already have!
 I used the Oliver + S Sketch book shirt pattern. I have used this one a bit before. It has the placket going down the front of the shirt. A great pattern! This shirt was easy to change up too.
Now onto the tutorail n how to take a butoon shirt pattern to this carefree top!

I cut the pattern out as called for, all except for the front shirt. I cut this out on the fold in one piece, not two as in the origal pattern. I also added a 1/2" to the front pieces. I did this by measureing a 1/4" from fold and then plinning the pattern piece onto the fabirc.

Next I cut out two long strips of fabrc 2" wide. I used the shorter collar and not the folded collar style also.
 First draw a line down the center of the top front shirt. I made mine 6" long for a size 6 shirt. Next I drew another line 1/2" from the center line on both sides of center line. This will be a maker where to sew the plackets in place.  
 Next I took the 2" wide pieces of fabric and cut them into 6" lengths. I placed them meeting up on the center line, pinning in place. The two lines that I made 1/2" out will be my sewing lines for these two pieces of fabric.
 Here they are stitched a 1/2" from the center line. Next I cut the center line, but be careful as not to cut the plackets!
 I pressed my plackets seam towards the outter front just for this step to hold them out of the way.
 Next press the seam allowance outward. (the oppisite direction as in the picture above) Now press the outside edge of the plackets down by a 1/2". Then fold this in half over the seam allowance meeting up the edge of the folded,pressed placket to the stitch line that is already there. pin in place and edge stitch from the front.

Now for the bottom of the plackets! I traced out a  two 2"x2" square onto my fabric. Next on the top I made a triangle shape. I did this by finding the middle of the top and then by finding the middle of the side then drawig a line between the two. I then cut them out useing a 1/2" seam allowance. Be sure to cut out 4 of these, two for the inside of the shirt and two for the outside of the shirt.

 Stitch the lines you made with leaving the top open for turning. Trim seam alloance, turn and press.
 Pin the two plackets in place, one ontop and one on the inside and stitch around. Finish pattern as directed from here until the hemming part!
 I also made the collar more square and less round on the ends too.
 Now for the  hemming! I traced out the bottom of the front and back shirt pieces making them 2" wide. Stitch them together using the 1/2" seam allowance. Press these seams open.
 Now press the top of this piece under a 1/2" around the whole piece.
 With right sides together, meet up raw edges and pin inplace. I stitched this with a 3/8" seam allowance here. Next press the hem towards the insides so the the wrong sides are facing each other. Pin inplace and edge stitch the hem faceing.  That's it!
My favorite part now, watching my little boy injoy his new shirt! Now I have two other little boys wanting one too. :)

Happing Sewing!


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