Saturday, October 1, 2011

Traveler Dress Sew Along, Day 4!

Today we will be finishing up our dresses! I love the last steps the most. :)
First take one of the collar pieces and fuse the interfacing onto it. The Second collar piece iron up the bottom side, this will be for attaching the collar onto the dress.

Pin the collar pieces together and stitch across the side, top, side. Turn and press.
Now we are going to pin the collar onto the dress. Take your time on this step, working the dress under the collar so there is no puckers after sewing together.
After sewing the collar on turn and check the right side for any puckers, like this one. At this point you can take the seam riper to this small part and fix it.
Only take out a small part of the sewn seam and work hte fabric so there is no pucker any more and stitch this small part again.
And no pucker!
Now trim the seam allowances, being careful not to cut to close to the dress. I always think cut the seam allowance in half, this helps me. Press the seam up towards the collar.
Now working the dress, pin the collar down with the seam tucked inside.
Edge stitch around  the whole collar starting with the pinned area first.
This is where we are at now, almost there!
Now onto the button holes. I pin my traced out button hole guide down at the top of the dress then take my fabric marker and trace ovrthe top of guide to mark the button hole and button placement.
I only mark the top of the button holes with   the way my sewing machine makes the button holes. Simply follow your guide to finish the htem. Sew the buttons on and......
We have a beautifully sewn dress!! I would love it for anyone who made this dress to post pictures at the Sweet pea & Pumkins flicker group as you finish up your dresses. The button tap is on my side bar. I'll be posting pictures of me wearing my dress on soon!

Happy Sewing!!


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  1. I've fallen behind, but I hope to catch up this weekend! Your dress looks great!


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