Monday, October 24, 2011

Sweet Pea's Halloween Costume is......

Raggedy Ann!
She looks right at home in all of these Raggedy Ann dolls, all  are here but one of her Raggedy Ann dolls. (it's her favorite one and is only 12" tall but the problem is she never puts it back up, toddlers). Oh and plus here "baby" too. It was so easy to pick out her costume to make this year too! You see all these cute dolls where made by my mom. The one to the left my sister and I used to play with as little girls, oh how we loved that doll! So in honor of my great mom, a living doll! (don't you just find her cute mom?!?)

Sweet pea wasn't in the mood for pictures but I was able to get a few. The dress is the Family Reunion dress pattern for O+S. I added ruffles to the neck line and made it long sleeves with ruffles at the end for a reusable dress all winter long. The apron is my own pattern from a memory of watching  my mom make tons of these dolls growing up. (a tutorial to come!) I think she is still sewing these things in her sleep! And the bloomers are a simple pattern I just made much longer. Easy peasy!

My favorite part of this dress has to be the big bow on the back of her apron. I cut it wide and rolled Serge the raw edges to keep light a flowing! The apron sewn up very quickly too, about 40 minutes in all.

Boy, she loves too! I had to Chase her down twice today just to take her outfit off. She was telling "don't, don't" lol. If she's happy so am I. :)

I couldn't have a post on Raggedy Ann & Andy with out her reading her Raggedy Ann & Andy book. I love the way this dress looks on her by it's self too. I am thinking a 2nd birthday party too???

All in all it brings back wonderful memories!

Happy Sewing


  1. How adorable! She looks so cute.

  2. This is so cute! Looks great!


  3. How sweet! My grandma used to make Raggedy Anns and Andys. So sweet to see this living version!

  4. oh my goodness this is SO cute! found you through polka dots on parade, i'd love if you'd come check out

  5. Very cute! I love Raggedy Ann.


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