Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Home Made Easter!

 I will warn you there is lots and lots of pictures here! I made all the kids outfits for Easter this year and it was so hard to get a good picture of them so I'll show most of them. ;) This one is my "real" kids here, no posing from them. Yes the middle boy is always like this!
 Ok, here they are posing. :) Can't get them to look though.
 My favorite "picture" photo. This one probly end up in a frame in the living room.
 Mr. J
 Mr. W
 My sweet little boy
 Sweet pea
 I can't believe htat I made all thier outfits this year! The two little boys have ordered many more tops and shorts too.
 Now the bee never landed on flower but in this picture it sure does look like it. He laugh when he seen it on the computer. He doesn't like bees at all.
 Picture taking is very hard and the trip home is much wanted. Not to bad for picutes from 4 kids I guess.
Happy Sewing!


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  1. I love the fabric you used for Sweet Pea's dress! ADORABLE! Great job on everything!


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